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Irrigation Technician 

Technician applicants must have a strong knowledge of the design, general repair and maintenance requirements of all makes of residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems.

Must have experience with wells and pumps

Responsibilities and Duties

Complete lawn irrigation system activations and visual inspections. Program various controller models. Perform routine maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs to sprinkler heads, piping, valves, backflow preventers, etc. Use wire tracers and/or valve locator to troubleshoot valve issues. Locate, excavate, and repair/replace damaged underground piping. Repair and/or replace rain sensor devices. Complete work orders and all associated paperwork. Professionally communicate with each customer the status/needs of their system. Perform system winterizations. Perform other tasks as needed.

Physical Demands 

Ability to dig, trench, backfill, and tamp in addition to other physical activity related to lawn sprinkler system installation and its repair. Capable of standing, stooping, walking on uneven surfaces or lifting up to 50 pounds. Operate trenching equipment or other heavy machinery.

Subject to outdoor weather conditions, including but not limited to extreme cold, extreme heat, wet conditions, or exposure to animals (client's pets) or various insects.


Compensation based upon experience. Weekly paycheck. Overtime depending upon the season and job schedule. Dental insurance. Disability insurance. Health insurance. Life insurance. Vision insurance

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